Testimony from Robert

Testimonies Bernard D Evans Ministries

My Testimony about the Tabernacle Ministry:

Sometimes, it seems to be more like a large company, than a place of worship, instead of a place to get close and personal to GOD. Apostle Bernard teachings and guidance to me and kirubai helps me gain better insight about GOD and the holy bible. Travelling to various churches have been a distraction from GOD with hindsight, but have given a learning how to run/not run a ministry. I have witnessed a few things done by Apostle Bernard which have amazed me, he is a man of GOD and walks the path to heaven, he has earnt my respect. I may not understand why he does and says things, but I believe in him and how he runs the ministry. I have not yet become a born-again Christian, time will tell, sometimes it feels like an elite club, just like tongue language, but Apostle Bernard has helped me to not believe this view. The ministry has created a network fellowship in Christ for me in away. We all have special skill sets that we bring to GOD and Ministry to use in his way/instruction.

One question I would ask which do you want to see/happen a full church or small conjuration with one person becoming born again.
my answers would have been difference before meeting Apostle Bernard.