Testimony from Priyanka

Testimonies Bernard D Evans Ministries
The Lord has used Apostle Bernard to speak into my life in regards to next season as well as reminded me of what the Lord spoke over my life years ago. This year especially in February, Apostle Bernard spoke on abundance over my life and that’s exactly what I saw in my life. I worked in a lab for my masters thesis and the favor the Lord gave with people I was working with and how they will go out of their way to help me. It was the Lord’s favor and grace that has pulled me through one of the hardest seasons in my life. The few days before handing in my thesis I was under a lot of stress but God gave me the peace in the midst of the storm I was in to get through it well. Now I am at the end of the Master’s and I have graduated well. God has been amazing and I’m looking forward to the next season that was also already spoken over me by Apostle Bernard.