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My Testimony

Life was very good and normal until 10th Sept 2017 when I was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in my colon. I was told that the size was 5cm and need an operation for its removal. I decided to return to London as the surgery will be done without cost being an UK citizen.  In London the colon surgeon assured me that the location of the tumour meant that the operation would be pretty straightforward and it would be a keyhole surgery. This was rather pleasing to me as the operation would leave minimum scars and that the recovery period would not be lengthy. The operation date was set for 16th Nov 2017, several weeks wait as my situation was not considered as serious, in light of those who also had tumours. We prayed for God’s intervention as we had no accommodation in London and that was a major issue, as I was required to be in London for a period of time.  My wife and I trusted our good Lord and went to London with faith. We started by staying in a hotel for 2 nights and on the 3rd day we packed our bag not knowing where to go. Coincidentally our friend in UK called us to offer us an unoccupied property to stay as that they was waiting to sell. It was a large house but needed to be furnished. They were kind enough to furnish the one bedroom with full kitchen facilities. God answered our prayers and this accommodation was close to the hospitals, buses and the shops. What a blessing! This was truly a miracle! The keyhole operation was successful carried out.  I had lost some blood and they had to give me blood transfusion and I was discharged after 3 days. I was very upbeat and kept thanking and praising God for His mercy and grace. A few days later I started to feel unwell. I had fever, constipation and started to throw up. Begun shivering and realised that something was seriously wrong. We rushed to the A & E department immediately and after some investigations, the surgeon discovered that the joint between the colon and intestine gave way and had started to leak. As a result of the leak my whole body was affected by bacteria (sepsis).  My blood pressure shot up and I was in agony and was put up in ICU as they had to monitor me closely prior to the operation as my condition was deteriorating. The doctor warned me off the consequences of this Open surgery and that I would be having a stoma. I was unable to soak in all the information. The open surgery was successful , and I came around to discover wounds where the surgeon has performed the operation with several tubes attached to my stomach .I was completely shocked as I did not expect such an outcome. Did not think it was my stomach! I prayed for strength that God will guide me through this journey in my life. Every time there was pain and discomfort, I did not lose sight of God. I kept giving Him praise and glory for He gave His only Son, who went through extreme pain and suffering more then I did! I was  in the hospital ward for a good 3 weeks, as the open wounds were infected and I had to be treated for that. The micro-bio was involved and decided to give me a very strong dose of antibiotics intravenously for a period one month. Being in a hospital ward, during the winter in London was not easy as all the things around me felt cold! My wife, Pushpa was a solid rock! The winter became harsh and the real cold conditions set in! I thank God for Pushpa, who had to withstand all the difficulties, just to visit me and care for my needs. After 3 weeks I was discharged from the hospital. The district nurses would come to our home and give the intravenous antibiotic twice a day and attended to my open wounds. After a week being home I developed a wound at my toe and heel! This occurred initially only on my right leg! The pain was excruciating and kept getting worse! I prayed and prayed. I found it difficult to sleep. I could not rest my foot anywhere for relief. I could not even take a step without my wife’s help.  A few days later the shin area of my right leg started to develop a kind of red rash! This increased and the whole of my right leg began to be affected! This was so painful and made sleeping quite a problem. The doctors were baffled and could not find the cause of the rash. Subsequently my left leg started to develop rash as well. After the biopsy from the rash on my right leg revealed that this was due to the side effects of the strong antibiotics that was administered to me. As soon as the doctors stopped the antibiotics the rash on my left leg stopped erupting. By now the red rash on my right leg started to turn black! The whole area felt like a layer of black leather! I felt helpless and cried out to the Lord! One of the doctors told me to be prepared for plastic surgery, as the affected leg was in a bad state. I could hardly walk! I kept praying and praising God for his mercies! The recovery was very slow! I was unable to walk properly due to my leg sores and the other open wounds. I did not lose faith in God and kept praying and praising.  Friends and relatives were also praying for me all over the world. In London, we were fortunate to attend the Tabernacle/B.D.Evans Ministries Sunday church founded by Apostle Bernard Evans, truly blessed us with prayers of healing. I was very touched. The recovery was slow and had further appointments to ensure that my treatment was progressing in the right direction. I saw the vascular surgeon who told me after the vascular scan that the blood flow on my right leg was only 20%. They performed an angioplasty on my right leg! I was told that my leg ulcer can get worse and there were other risks involved. Praise God that the angioplasty on my right left was successful. The blood flowed well and my leg started healing slowly! As the healing was taking place on my left my heel wound was attended to by a podiatrist and they had to remove the pus on my heel and given treatment of antibiotics for a month or so.


I decided to return to Malaysia in March, which was a risk as my heel ulcer and the open wounds were not completely healed and the doctor warned me against it. Praise God by April 2018 my stomach wounds were healed. All Glory to God. God is good!   After 3 days of returning to KL, I had an obstruction in my colon and had to be admitted to Gleneagles Hospital for 5 days. We prayed and pleaded, with the Lord and the blockage was cleared, by God’s grace. My leg had also healed well enough to be able to walk properly. The doctors in London wanted me to attend further tests to ensure that I was clear of cancer and it had not manifested in other areas. We returned to London in July this year and the doctors did the CEA blood test and a CT scan. They confirmed that I was cancer free! I thank God for his healing powers! I thank all those who prayed for me relentlessly as the good Lord heard them all!

We will continue to give God All glory, honor and Praise.  For we have a good God!!