Testimony For Apostle Bernard Evans

Testimonies Bernard D Evans Ministries

We met Apostle Bernard at a business conference in Jamaica in April 2016 in a very unusual way. Since then our lives have changed and we have been continuously blessed as a result of being connected to the prophetic ministry.

Soon after our first meeting was told to leave the land of Maldives and move to UK. Initially, it was hard to comprehend for us, as we struggled, our business struggled and we had massive debts. Apostle Bernard very clearly communicated to us that relocation = allocation and we will receive all the necessary finances, visas and that the house is already waiting for us. I am typing this message while sitting in the promised place and a few weeks ago we have received our visas. This is a memorial stone of what God has done in our lives and a testimony to Apostle Bernard who takes his assignment from God very seriously. He has taken time to hear God’s voice, he has been warring on our behalves and he has been equipping us.

Being part of Apostle Bernard’s ministry has been a tremendous blessing. We have recieved and continue to receive very specific instructions that lead to amazing breakthroughs.

Additionally, in the short period of time, I have seen many people being delivered, set free including my close friends and family members.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Marcin and Mari