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Tearing Down And Dethroning The Strong Hold Of Worry!

As I was praying The Spirit of The Lord showed me one of the plagues and strategy of the enemy was afflict God’s People with the spirit of worry and what he (the devil) is using  this weapon through his satanic assignee’s to cast doubt and unbelief, The Dark lord OF WORRY Has assigned many of his dark agents from Satan they have assignments from the devil to attack to disengage the minds of the children of God to project Fear, worry, and depression of all sorts, onto the body of Christ, to cause affliction in the heart and minds of those who are not only intercessors, but the children of God that has been blood washed in the blood of His dear Son! The plot is to bring upon us many trying situations that will take our minds, hearts, and wills, be so far off praying and fasting, and interceding for God’s lost such as the sick, destitute, and the nations. There are some of us whom are spiritual suffocating and bound, tired, and broke down in our spirits and we are full of despair. But the answer is not to allow the enemy to drag you into a mindset of worry, over things he can use as ammunition against you!  Such as Finances, Death of a loved ones, Divorce, Children that are strung out on drugs, family matters of disagreements, sickness that the Doctors can’t seem to find a cure for, an so forth, Oh But The Great King Jesus has the answer to all of your ailing problems, and He can and will heal your troubled minds and situations that seemed to be plagued by the spirit of worry. One of the heaviest onslaughts by the enemy in the battles of our minds is in the area of worry. Both real and imagined worries attack our minds from daily pressures and stresses of these end times press in from every side in an attempt to discourage and defeat us.

As I read in the commentary scriptures we see that Jesus commands us to put aside every worry. He pleads with us to see that our Father has faithfully provided for all of our needs, Jesus assures us that our Heavenly Father knows what we need even before we ask, so there is no reason to worry.

Then Jesus goes on to explain that there is a higher purpose for you to seek above the filling of your needs. A way that release blessings into your life… answers to your problem, Which God’s supernatural intervention on your behalf when you do it this way Jesus says then your needs will be His Righteousness, and all these things (the things you need) shall be added unto you.

When we desire God’s Righteousness through Christ Jesus to be reflected in our words and actions… when we seek to be dedicated to His Way over our own way, when we seek to execute his plan in place of our own… when our primary goal is for the fulfillment of his kingdom within our hearts and lives.. Then worry will cease to bind and control us and God will be free to move to meet our every need.

My Beloved Children of the most High God as you try, as resist worry in the battlefield of you mind. The enemy will try to draw you back into an old habit pattern of worry. You will have to decide, do I stand against this in the power of God, RESIST it in the name of JESUS! and allow The Holy-Spirit to fill the area of my thought life with Him.? Or will I refuse to wage war in the spirit and allow this worry to lurk in my mind forever. God has given you a free will to decide which way you will, and He has given you the power to resist. Jesus has made all provisions for your needs on The Cross of Calvary, Now it’s up to you to allow The Holy Spirit the freedom to replace worry with the fullness of God and the Fullness of life in His Kingdom.

Scripture of Ref; Matt: 6-25-34

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