Testimonies Bernard D Evans Ministries

Testimony on the Change Conference London

I would like to share what I learned and felt attending the Change conference in London. As you can see, the conference was about the Change. An atmosphere of the room started to change when Apostle/Prophet Bernard Evans started to speak to all of us that change is something that God requires and it is necessary.

And Prophet Abraham’s speech about change was touching too. The first day, Apostle prayed for a lady, who had been struggling with demons for years, Everyone in the room could see demon speaking to Apostle to leave her alone and at the same time, we all could see the movement of God working through Apostle during the 3-day conference.

The second day, Apostle saw one lady who was sitting in the room and he called her to come. And there was the Word of God through Apostle that she’s pregnant and has been worried about her finances but not to worry, there will be people helping her. There were many people coming to Apostle so he prayed, prophesied and blessed people. I could see clearly God moving through Apostle. So many people were lying on the floor after the Holy Spirit touched them through Apostle and it was unstoppable. The third day, many people came and wanted to hear the message of God. In 3-day
conference, Apostle taught us to pray to break the chains of struggles and that was very powerful. We heard the testimony from a guy who attended the change conference and after prayer to break the chains of financial struggles, he had a pretty big sale in his business the next day. So many people were laying on the floor again after the Holy Spirit touched them through Apostle.

The change conference was beyond my expectation. It was amazing to see how God can move powerfully. I could see many changes in people and also myself after the conference. Thank you for all you do, Apostle Bernard. God bless you. I thank the Lord for giving me an opportunity to witness the powerful movement of God in Jesus name.

All glory to God.

– Yuki