A Testimony

Testimonies Bernard D Evans Ministries

I simply want to share with Everyone a little, of what was going on in my Personal World. This past Sunday, was a Complete Blessing for many of us whom attended service @ Family Cathedral Church, and who came to see Apostle Villela and Prophet Evan’s.” I had been struggling with my Faith in the past, and like everyone I have many faults.” I am aware that no one is perfect, with the exception of Our GOD! We all have our own challenges in life…Some that might be bigger than others, or some that we tend to create into bigger mentally. Sunday morning, watching Pastor Villela listening to his message was a bit scary, but then I couldn’t help to imagine how Horrid it would feel to actually be in HELL! To Stand, and Listen to all of the Fallen Spirits. Apostle Villela prayed over me and it was very Overwhelming.. He prayed over my family’s generation, along with all of the bad spirits in my life. “The Spirit Of Oppression”. The Spirits that were not allowing me to be the person that I am, as well as the woman I was meant to be through the vision In God’s eyes… Nor the fulfillment of the Purpose in My Life.. My career, nor my work. As he prayed over me, I fell . .Prophet Evan’s came up to me while I had fallen under the Holy Spirit, and told him to lift me up. He said, “We are not done with her yet!” He placed someone’s hand over my stomach then placed his hands over them, then he began speaking in tongue’s. It was prophesied that , “My womb Would Bear Fruit”. That I would conceive again, and give Life! I have always been very Grateful as well as Thankful for my child. I am aware that she is a tremendous Blessing, and my time is limited on this earth. “I will admit I had strayed away from the church, but most importantly I had strayed away from GOD!” I admire my child, and she will always be my Whole World. Not because I am her mother, but because of the fact that I see the Future in her. She is so innocent as well as extremely beautiful thru the inside and out. I know that before I was even born she was meant for me. Made to do Greatness in Life! I firmly believe that she will grow up to be a Strong Woman Of GOD! As well as a Church Leader. As I showed up to the Evening Service…I brought my mother so that she could receive prayer. The most unexpected thing happened that night. I was watching everyone receive amazing messages, and falling under The Holy Spirit. Some of us even had Intervention. As soon as I thought that the night was over, Prophet Evan’s called on me.. He said, ” Someone here came expecting something today”. Carnally, and Mentally I did not think that I was…But, the Spirit inside of me was…”How amazing is OUR GOD to have Created Us, and know Everything about US, and have the Perfect Timing for EVERYTHING!” I went up to Prophet Evan’s.. I lifted my hands , then he spoke firmly to me, and said, ” Lift your hands higher”! I was told things that I did not want to hear Out Loud. Things that you know deep down inside, but you never say to anyone so you push your feelings deep down in hope that they go away. It honestly hurt to hear these things out loud. He told me, I did not Trust! I had Doubt! I Doubted My Faith! I Doubted GOD! I did not trust anyone, because of what had been done to me in my past. Above all, I did not Trust GOD! I couldn’t help, but to start crying.. All of this was True. I have had Trust and Abandonment Issues, because of the things that had happened to me when I was Younger. But, I also know that a lot of pain was caused by self-inflictions. He asked me, ” If I could TRUST GOD”? I told him, “YES”! He asked the question repetitively , and I replied YES even Louder. I was told I had a hard time Surrendering! It was because of all I endured in Life. I was prophesied, that after that night I had 30 days to Surrender and Give him all my Heart! He wanted all of My Heart that night. My Complete Heart! To start New! I would receive a Blessing. Since that night, ” I HAVE SURRENDERED”! For a lot of us, it is hard to change overnight from living of the pleasures of the World, and getting RID of all the Negative things in OUR LIVES. I came home, and deleted all Social Networks that I had without my husband. I deleted applications on my phone. Stopped talking to whom could not be on my Level of Bettering Themselves, or living Life Putting GOD FIRST! I Prayed to God ..Asking him…. Dear God, Please Bless me with : Ears that can hear your voice, A MIND that UNDERSTANDS only Your Direction, Eyes that can see YOUR VISION.. Hands that will do YOUR WORK. A whole hearted mind and heart to fulfill Your WILL, and my sole purpose in life that you have planned out for me. A Mouth that will Speak Your WORD! Arms that will Reach Out and HELP.As well as feet, that will Walk by Faith.. The ability to Stand Firm, and become a Strong Woman in your image Lord.. Amen. Because LIVING a Life Without God…Is not Living a life at all……